B. 1973


Martinis an artist who possesses an insight when speaking about life, by reflecting back to his reservoir of memories, small events or moments that turn into treasure, while understanding/interpreting the present. Martin insists that this is an open-ended effort, his artworks are ambitioned at, and one is totally free to look at his artworks from different or maybe original perspectives, and create meanings accordingly. 

This is a fabulous way of interactive art-making, where the artist-viewer relationship is not stereotyped, as long as perceptions of both the parties are allowed with an outlet. A well read, eager to explore person like him, doesn’t pester much about what or how much power/spell his work would cast on the viewer-interpreter, rather it is the idea which becomes a primary cause to make art. Once the fundamental ideas are conveyed, Martin then sits back to enjoy multiple reactions and interpretations from the audience-consumer. Martin’s world, which is highly receptive, gives a hint that it is largely shaped up by his keen interest in films, literature and memories, and these very organically concoct and morph into paintings and sculptures.

The artist lives and works in New Delhi.