Group Show - On Dystopia

19 April - 14 May, 2014 | D-40 Defence Colony, New Delhi 110024

Artistic imagination has, since the advent of modern urban life, technology and capitalistic growth, sought to find a language that can critically engage with these modernistic shifts and its impact on human relationships. Dystopia is one such language of fiction that has allowed creative minds to subvert and study current trends through an exaggeration of the basic structures that characterise any human society. Dystopia is what can roughly be defined as a state that is the opposite of utopia. Usually futuristic, these dystopic worlds are a result of corrupted systems of economy, politics or a society highly dependent on technology that pushes human societies to their brink, fragmenting the ideas of relationships, individuality, freedom and a democratic sense of order. These worlds are characterised by violence, hedonism and excess consumption, deep societal segregation, and exploitation.

Using the language of dystopia artists create not only a critique of current society and where it is heading, but hint at a need for revolutionary change, sometimes even anarchist in its tone. The artists in this show create works which speak of this slow but steady decay within our modern society due to deep seated prejudices within our system, economic disparity and social bias. The body in many cases become central to their language, and is deformed, fragmented, or in a state of metamorphosis. The artist’s palette is also exaggerated creating atmospheric and visual discomfort. The urban-scape distinctly defined by skyscrapers and geometric architecture takes on a sinister tone, at times predicting their own demise and the fate of the people who belong to it.