B. 1976


Shilpa Gupta has been interested in exploring the notions of location and belonging as against and within the complexities of national identities. Her preoccupations with research based practice has led her to work with a variety of mediums, from video and photograph to found objects, sculpture, performance and sound & light installations. Though her works she dismantles constructed notions of identity that is connected to equally abstract notions of nation, state, boundaries, citizenship, and delves into the contradictions and fissures that certain circumstances makes visible in these seemingly alright definitions. Through careful re- presentation of objects and narratives, Gupta subtly the frames through which the viewer encounters their subject, creating a larger paradigmatic shift in the process of viewing and meaning - making. Her recent work derives from her research around the multiple narratives emerging from the borderlands of India and Bangladesh. Using multiple narratives and tracing the historical violence embedded in living within the constructs of modern day nation-state, Shilpa creates artworks that create a room for speculation and reflection.

Shilpa Gupta lives and works in Mumbai.