Labour paeans: Praneet Soi’s new show blends art, craft, old and new

By Rachel Lopez | Hindustan Times

Every few months, the Bhau Daji Lad museum opens up its collections to a contemporary artist, encouraging them to see 19th century decorative objects not as relics of the past, but as a way to reimagine the present.

In 2011, LN Tallur took over the space, spreading out blocks of an incomplete model elephant to honour the Elephanta Island statue now on the museum grounds. In 2015, Thukral & Tagra turned the BDL into a gaming arena. The museum’s Ganjifa playing cards were the inspiration for board games, its old map of Bombay found a new life as a ping-pong table.

This time, Praneet Soi shows Notes On Labour, new works that emerged from his two-year engagement with artisans in Kolkata, Srinagar and Guangzhou in China.

22 May 2017