Art in Review; Vivan Sundaram

By Holland Cotter | The New York Times

Re-Take of Amrita Sepia International 148 West 24th Street, 11th floor, Chelsea Through July 28

This haunted show by Vivan Sundaram, one of India's most distinguished contemporary artists, is basically an archival family album, a photographic souvenir of the distant past. Thanks to digital technology, however, the pictures are simultaneously old and new. They embody the past the way it survives in the mind: edited, layered, compressed, as if in a dream.

Mr. Sundaram's grandfather Umrao Singh Sher-Gil, born in 1870, was an accomplished amateur photographer. In Lahore, Pakistan, he met and married a Hungarian woman named Marie Antoinette Gottesman. They lived together in Europe and India and had two daughters, Amrita and Indira. Amrita Sher-Gil became one of the most influential painters of modern India before her death at 28 in 1941. Indira, her sister, was Mr. Sundaram's mother.

30 June 2006