Vivan Sundaram: Indian art 'needed a new vocabulary'

By Somak Ghoshal | CNN

The title of artist Vivan Sundaram's retrospective at the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art (KNMA) in New Delhi welcomes the viewer in with a promise: "Step Inside and You Are No Longer a Stranger." Coming from one of India's most original creative minds, it's an assurance that is at once comforting and gently ironic.

Inside the exhibition, you might feel overwhelmed by the range of media from the artist's 50-year career, but navigating through the images and objects also instills a sense of belonging.
Whether you're familiar with the trajectory of Indian history or not, you will feel co-opted by this staggering body of work, which draws richly from world history and emotions of universal resonance.
19 February 2018