Bikaner House: Collaborative in-person exhibitions are back

By Gerogina Maddox | The Hindu

The last time I walked into Bikaner House was just before the lockdown was announced. I saw an exhibition featuring the works of Pooja Iranna and Natraj Sharma. Who knew it would take a whole year for me to come back?

As I walk into the yellow-lit courtyard, a large red banner reading ‘On | Site’ greets me, and I feel a mounting sense of excitement — anticipation not only to see the artworks but also, hopefully, some of the art community.

It is no secret that in a post-pandemic scenario, holding physical exhibitions has been a challenge. This show — which hosts four leading galleries: Vadehra Art Gallery (Delhi), Nature Morte (Delhi), Chemould Prescott Road (Mumbai) and Experimenter (Kolkata) — marks a return to collaborative in-person exhibitions. Albeit with masks, hand sanitisers, and social distancing replacing air kisses with fist bumps.

5 March 2021