Artist Praneet Soi Maps Migration Of Images, Patterns In New Show

By Trisha Mukherjee | Outlook India

For artist Praneet Soi patterns and images, not unlike birds, have a tendency to migrate, and it is this realisation over his decades-long artistic career that he has explored in his new exhibition.

The show titled, “Migrations” underway at the Vadehra Art Gallery here in a way seems to converge the artist's lived experiences in different parts of the world and his most memorable impressions of these places into this one exhibition space.

His impressions of the time spent with the craftsmen in Srinagar share the same frame as the olive tree that he spotted in Palestine during a road trip in 2019, and the image of the tomb of the Sufi Saint Bulbul Shah in Srinagar is juxtaposed over a painting of the plants in his backyard in the Netherlands.

25 November 2021