Nalini Malani: A Memoirist for the Subaltern

By Radhika Iyengar | Mint

A few weeks before artist Nalini Malani’s retrospective exhibition, The Rebellion Of The Dead: 1969-2018—Part II, opens at Castello di Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art in Rivoli (about 140km from Milan), the museum released a video. In it, Malani is shown drawing in solitude. Immersed in the pale-yellow light of the museum, she draws with focused precision on a wall using charcoal, making a site-responsive piece. “My drawing has maps of Bombay," she explains off camera in the video. “It also refers to the modernist period of architecture in Bombay, but it portrays people who are dispossessed, the subaltern." This is the second instalment of Malani’s extensive two-part retrospective; the first opened at Center Pompidou, Paris, in October.

17 September 2018