The Dodiya effect

By Sanjukta Sharma | Mint Lounge

Ask any parent what their children are like, and usually their eyes will light up. They won’t stop talking, gushing and making jokes. When I ask Atul and Anju Dodiya what their 26-year-old daughter Biraaj is like, we laugh the most in the course of an interview that spans hours. A couple of stories stand out about Biraaj, who is currently preparing for her debut solo. Atul recalls a time when, after spending hours at the Venice Biennale, the family moved outdoors. Atul tried to make space to sit on a public bench by moving a stone and an umbrella that casually lay on the bench, perhaps left behind by someone. Biraaj warned her father, “Don’t move them, it’s probably art."

31 January 2020