‘Interwoven metaphors make art a great bridge to understand time and space of life’: Artist NS Harsha

By Vandana Kalra | The Indian Express

Q. Humour seems crucial to your work. How important is it in getting your idea across?

Ans.Layers of humour such as parody, satire, travesty etc offer rich clarity to certain realities and challenges. If we take the painting Emission Test as an example, one can observe that surface imagery suggests a scene of RT PCR test, but if one pays attention to the painting, it reveals the idea of human ‘identities’ and their emissions. One can see that people and elements from all walks of life are sitting on a plastic chair and samples are being taken. The anatomical/biological diagram, painted at the bottom left, suggests the technical aspect of how humans emit ‘sound/voice’ to the idea of emission test. It touches upon the idea of ‘voices’ and aspects of ‘truth’. Such interwoven metaphors make ‘art’ a great bridge to understand ‘time and space’ of life.

12 March 2022