Mesmerising mystical art of Manjit Bawa

By Girish Shrivastava | National Herald

A modernist master of the figurative genre, Manjit Bawa’s unique treasure of contemporary art mesmerises the viewers. The portrayal of simplicity and spirituality combined together in a highly skilful manner is his signature mark. His artworks display a deep affinity for drawing and a keen interest in mythology. Manjit Bawa (born July 30,1941-died 29 Dec. 2008), lived and worked in Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh and New Delhi and created significant yet subtle works which set him apart from his contemporaries. His affinity for scriptures and Sufi poetry, flora and fauna and continuous perseverance to bring newness to his art, his use of vibrant colours to illuminate his simple compositions and his love for Krishna Bulleh Shah, Punjabi folklore and songs are predominant motifs of his artworks.

29 January 2020