If you’re in Goa, don’t miss this ongoing exhibition that explores the mysteries of chance

By Ritupriya Basi | Architectural Digest India

When mapping the trajectory of human history, the roots of every seminal twist of fate can be traced back to a moment of chance. ‘Games of Chance', the latest exhibition at Sunaparanta in Goa, attempts to deconstruct the very meaning of chance and its implications on our everyday life. Supported by patrons Dipti and Dattaraj Salgaokar, the group exhibition pools in works by 25 artists, and provides an opportunity to explore the various courses of change, whether intended, calculated or random. “When we started working on this show, I was questioning whether we take any real chances in life. We set off with a playful, almost whimsical line of inquiry, but as more and more work started coming in from the artists, the questions they were posing became less illusory, and more sinister and real,” says curator Leandre D'Souza.

8 February 2020