Portraits of truth

By Proma Chakraborty | The Patriot

“Truth was supposed to hit home before a lie.” Reads the bright red text on the wall leading to an exhibition hall. In the era of post-truth, where rampant fake news is spiralling out of control, the quoted remark couldn’t get any more apt.

Growing more audacious by the day, Indians do not hesitate to take law into their own hands on grounds of religion — the recent mob lynching at Bulandshahr testifies to that. An alleged incident of cow slaughter claimed the lives of an inspector and a civilian, when a clash between the mob and the police escalated into a riot on Monday.

Making a commentary on this socio-political status of the nation, artist Atul Bhalla raises questions on the current religious intolerance through art. Showcasing a combination of new and old body of works — including ¬archival prints, Diasecs and installation — his works are on display at the exhibition titled ‘Anhedonic Dehiscence’.

6 December 2018