Finding hues of art and purpose in water works

By Ayesha Singh | The New Indian Express

Unrestricted nd unrestrained, artist Atul Bhalla’s conscience reflects lucidly in the ripples of water that throw back images of perseverance. His purpose flows with every drop. That happens when one finds a passion that transcends to being one’s identity. Water has become that for him, after all he’s been inspired by it for far too many years now. Even in his new show called Anhedonic Dehiscence, the truth about water emerges from its depth, forming a recurring motif in its totality.

The exhibition puts together new and old works in the form of archival prints, diasecs and installations. With Anhedonic Dehiscence there is another important aspect that he is exploring, which is the search of elusive historical and social truth that can possibly never be known. “Through landscapes and still life, I showcase pleasure-less anhedonic alienation and dissociation. Perfect landscapes break away and slivers of wounds tear open, as the viewer expects (blood) gushing. Anhedonic dehiscence is the social condition,” he says.

1 December 2018