Inspired By Water, Performance Artist Atul Bhalla is Making People Notice Environmental Issues

By Simantini Dey | News 18

The oeuvres of Atul Bhalla, a Delhi based conceptual and performance artist, are inquisitions of our relationship with water -- the spaces it occupies, the history it carries in its depths and especially, how it affects human lives and how humans affect water bodies around them.

What makes Bhalla's work unique is that the artist through his visual representations, as well as performance photography has managed to inspire public to make inquiries about climate change. And, know that it is no mean feat, especially at a time when world leaders dismiss climate change as a hoax, despite repeated warnings from the academic and scientific communities of the impending dangers of the phenomenon. However, Bhalla claimed, that he is no environmental activist. The term he used to describe himself is an 'environmental artist.'

"One doesn't just hop onto the environmental bandwagon," observed Bhalla."I have been working on water since 1998 and the whole movement on environment started in the last five years," the artist added.

5 June 2018