An exhibition of Rameshwar Broota’s new work makes a subtle comment on the violence in our lives

By Gerogina Maddox | The Hindu

In a studio hidden from prying eyes, on the fourth floor of Triveni Kala Sangam in Delhi, artist Rameshwar Broota’s latest creation is taking shape. He ministers to it with the hands of a surgeon, watching over the epoxy resin as it sets.

The resin has the effect of creating a floating world, a microcosm where various objects and forms that have been trapped in its sticky surface lead an afterlife suspended in time.


Layers of mystery

The objects vary, from metallic nails, an X-ray of lungs, stray feathers, to the all-important bits of text on which the title of his exhibition hinges — ‘Scripted in Time’The solo show opened at Vadehra Art Gallery on February 1 with great fanfare.

Broota is displaying a new body of work in mixed media that he has been labouring over. After his 2016 retrospective at Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, this is certainly his most exciting show.

10 February 2018