Nasreen Mohamedi and Arpita Singh are at Spain's Guggenheim Bilbao with an important question

By Uma Nair | Architectural Digest India

Who is a “woman artist”? Elles Font L’Abstraction, which translates to women in abstraction, is a historic exhibition which asks this question. It features two important Indian contemporary artists-Nasreen Mohamedi and Arpita Singh amongst 110 artists and 500 works.


 The exhibition, which integrates the history of feminism in the 1970s with the battles fought by the artists, has travelled from Centre Pompidou in Paris to Guggenheim Bilbao, Spain.

Most exhibitions devoted to the history of abstract art have often downplayed the fundamental role played by women in the development of this language. This exhibition enables us to re-evaluate the importance of their contribution.

6 November 2021