Contemporary Artist Atul Dodiya Hopes for 7,000 Museums in India

By Shahnoor Seervai | The Wall Street Journal

In spite of India’s rich cultural heritage, the paucity of museums -- even in cities -- means public access to artworks is limited.

Contemporary artist Atul Dodiya is appealing for more support for Indian museums through a show in Mumbai called “7000 Museums: A Project for the Republic of India.”

“It’s wishful thinking, but what if we had a museum in every city and town?” Mr. Dodiyasaid in an interview with the Wall Street Journal at his 8,000-square-foot studio in Ghatkopar, east Mumbai.

The exhibition, a collection of oil paintings, watercolors and installations, brings contemporary art into Mumbai’s oldest museum, the Bhau Daji Lad Museum.

At the center of the gallery on the lower floor are seven white cabinets with glass doors, filled with photos and sculptures by the artist as well as found objects and kitsch items.


A collection of photos of people visiting other museums is the most endearing part of the assemblages—in one, a father carries his sleeping daughter as he looks at paintings.a

22 January 2015