Cloud Burst | Delhi Contemporary Art Week: Bikaner House, New Delhi

8 - 15 April 2021

Our curation titled Cloud Burst features a diverse set of expressions around the general human condition and undertakings, articulated either through more intimate mental and bodily experiences as with Pranati Panda and Treibor Mawlong; an encyclopaedic cataloguing of intellectual and observed references as seen with Shrimanti Saha, Vicky Roy and Shailesh B.R.; or an extrapolated concentration on the particularities of how we occupy space as seen in work by Sujith S.N. 

Pranati Panda’s The Soft Land assigns a visceral and physiological weight to the experience of time, which she examines in layers of striking detail that emerge as personal philosophy, the precision of needle and thread acting almost as an imprint of handwriting.

Titled Animal Kingdom, Vicky Roy’s collection of black-and-white photographs is a foray into the constructed habitats of animals and the evocative illusions of nature, while travelling through both private and public properties in India.  

In Somewhere, Elsewhere, Here, Treibor Mawlong’s wood-cuts feature expressionistic plots constructed through observational nuance as he considers human narratives of passion, honor, love, pride, grief, loss and change through a visual language that borrows from comic books, rich with persuasive textuality. 

Through her dystopian landscapes that tread the fine line between myth and reality, in Confabulations Shrimanti Saha importantly visits contemporary dialogues, constructing macro-narratives through a coding and accommodation of various micro-references, ranging from personal experiences of memory and conversation to a plethora of external sources and disciplines. 

Shailesh B.R.’s visual language has an aura of iconography and in विपर्यासः। Displacement, he questions the fundamental meaning of the objects and rituals that surround us, seeking to ground such an understanding in absolute knowledge while doubting absolute meaning altogether since intellectual interventions are inherently acts of displacement.

Prelude, a series of landscape and portrait paintings by Sujith S.N., appears to follow the trajectory of the everyday – featuring everyday people in everyday places doing everyday things, however a deeper reading reveals signifying narratives of the inter-relationships between these protagonists and the spaces they do or do not occupy.

Anandajit Ray’s Myasmatica consume the generality of the surrounding environment with open-minded largesse, while invoking a humorous approach to what can be noted as intense perceptions. He is interested in pictorializing the intersection between the illusions of thought and the reality of vision, by pledging hyper-awareness to the boundaries between external happenings and internal imprinting.

In addition to our main presentation, we will also be featuring a bronze sculpture by Gigi Scaria, works on paper by Jagannath Panda and drawings by Susanta Mandal, as part of  Residues, curated by Reha Sodhi.