Arpita Singh | Homeward: D-40 Defence Colony, New Delhi

18 March - 16 April 2021

Homeward | Arpita Singh
18 March - 16 April 2021
D-40 Defence Colony


Vadehra Art Gallery is pleased to announce a continuation of our presentation titled Homeward, featuring a recent body of work by Arpita Singh, which was recently presented as part of On Site, a collaborative exhibition by four leading galleries held at Bikaner House, New Delhi, earlier this month, and is now on view at our modern gallery.

Described as a figurative artist and a modernist, Arpita Singh still makes it a point to stay tuned in to traditional Indian art forms and aesthetics, like miniaturist painting and different forms of folk art, employing them regularly in her work. Afflicted by the problems that are faced each and every day by women in her country and the world in general, Singh paints the range of emotions that she exchanges with these subjects – from sorrow to joy and from suffering to hope – providing a view of the ongoing communication she maintains with them.

In this latest body of watercolours on paper and oil paintings, Singh’s cartographical autobiographies assume new dimensions through an intensification of colour, accenting her imagined landscapes with the flourish of expressionist emotion. With compositions foregrounded in movement, Singh tends to emphasize the potential of individual agency operating within collective constraints, though her mapping doesn’t seem to prioritize any one aspect – whether the fictional, mythical, personal, public fact or dream. These almost ‘think-scapes’ capture constructs of space in abstraction, whose protagonists occupy their frames implicitly and navigate time, cultures and history through an assemblage of connection. Her individual nostalgia evocatively intervenes in cultural narratives surrounding control, movements and freedom, especially those of women. By introducing observation points that are topographically flat, Singh personifies questions of beginning and belonging so pivotal to individual and collective journeys. The protagonists themselves emerge as part of the landscape, their internality in a state of flux as outlined by the world, however it is composed, at large.

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