Gigi Scaria: No Stone Unturned: In Touch Edition 6

28 May - 30 December 2021

A chronicler of urban spaces, Gigi Scaria explores architectural positivity and liminal landscapes through the life and times of the people purporting its shared narratives. Scaria pursues his compositions through mixed imageries that tread the fine line between being informative and imaginative, hence maintaining a predictive quality that both enhances or diminishes the potential of a cultural moment. In this latest body of watercolours on paper titled No Stone Unturned, Scaria’s environmental concerns find minimalist expression as seeds of ideas yet to germinate into full-blown consciousnesses therein prompting further elaboration, as he contemplates the systemic and cyclical friction between natural and man-made spaces. In a topical vein, he further explores themes of restricted freedoms and curtailed movements, but more importantly considers the storytelling potency of landscapes as hinged on narratives of the human condition and action. Scaria asks, “How will people, and the future, receive information about our times?” To authenticate this predicament, he creates poetic visualizations of encroachment, overwhelm and in-flux boundaries, presenting these premises as fable-like futures encompassed in inconclusive alterity.