Architectures of Momentum | Rameshwar Broota: FRIEZE No. 9 Cork Street, London

31 May - 15 June 2024

Architectures of Momentum features a suite of recent paintings by Rameshwar Broota,who in his revelatory period of abstraction is drawn to exploring an inner journey of the human condition,centring his explorations around perception, prophecy and self-awareness. In his paintings, Broota follows a steady process of application and erasure–foregrounding darker colours and carving squiggles, scratches, cracks and graffiti, and transforming the ‘surface texture’ into an ‘organic structure’ with expressive variations in dimension and tone.His quintessentially laborious means of layering paint and scraping the surface with a blade leads to patterns and images emerging serendipitously in his compositions,as if illuminated with a cosmic charm, often annotating a world impacted by man’s earthly interventions through the ages, in chaotic interpretations of time, technology and nature. The practice and conscientiousness of the artist are steeped in an exploration of the fractures and friction of change and development that remain political in the real world, philosophical in celestial realms and characteristically concurrent.

In the Viewing Room, works by three exciting South Asian women artists are exhibited, including photographs by Ashfika Rahman (Bangladesh), paintings by Joya Mukerjee Logue (India/United States) and drawings by Jasmine Nilani Joseph (Sri Lanka).