Anandajit Ray | Miasmatica: In Toch Edition 3

17 July - 15 September 2020

In Miasmatica, Ray pursues symbiotic energies in theme through deliberate distinctions in the focal points or character of a particular series of work. He consumes the generality of the surrounding environment with open-minded largesse, while invoking a humorous approach to what can be noted as intense perceptions. Ray is interested in pictorializing the intersection between the illusions of thought and the reality of vision, by pledging hyper-awareness to the boundaries between external happenings and internal imprinting.

In the Peripheral Vapid series of paintings, Ray turns to Indian miniatures for structural inspiration, but instead of employing a journalistic approach to figuration he focuses on the aesthetics of violence and anxiety that are caused by a general emptiness of feeling. Pseudo Pathogens, a series of paintings modelled after scientific, botanical drawings, eschew any particular context for the essence of what the artist calls ‘imaginative maladies’. Ray’s Exercise in Brush Behaviour series represents a formal inquiry into the nature of painting – or painting for painting’s sake – in which one senses the amplification of theme as brought about by a questioning of the medium.