No Man Is An Island: In Touch Edition 1

24 April - 23 May 2020

As part of IN TOUCH EDITION 1, Vadehra Art Gallery presents No Man Is an Island, a timely and evocative curation centered on exploring inwardness through inter-relation, featuring artworks by leading contemporary Indian and international artists.


If human potential is to glimpse infinite possibilities then we are not limited to our senses, which act as if they differentiate us from each other. Where Juul Kraijer’s photography divulges the ongoing argument between shadow and light, Ranbir Kaleka’s composition accepts diversity and continuity as part of itself. Similarly Arpita Singh’s quintessential cartography embodies self-supporting and inter-connected sinews, and Faiza Butt’s ceramic intertwines cultural inspirations with the human fact. Our perceptions and experiences are interactive and universal, tying us all together. Because we are all capable of our imaginations we are each unique, like Anju Dodiya’s protagonist, who weaves together disparate experiences and memories, and by virtue of imagining yet all the same, as seen in Shilpa Gupta’s re-inforcement of the individual and collective interpretation of events in her lightbox. Turning to figure and landscape for self-reflection, Atul Dodiya’s two works invoke the labour of self-repetition, meditating on renewability, and Sujith S.N.’s watercolours are spatio-temporal snapshots of the visceral relationship people share with city and each other.