SUDHIR PATWARDHAN | Spectres: D-53 Defence Colony, New Delhi

27 October - 24 November 2017

Titled Spectres, the show comprises of a significant body of over 80 works by the artist. Patwardhan inspects the concept of public space in India even as he plays with the idea of ‘home’. He navigates the dimensions of that enclosed, private space to create a liminal universe that contains and nurtures the history of that space.

Within that sanctified personal domain is also the exploration of the space of the studio as opposed to that of the domestic setting of the home. Soon after retiring from his medical practice, Patwardhan had moved in with his wife Shanta into a new apartment in an idyllic landscape, which was capacious enough to double as his studio. However, Patwardhan, having maintained a strictly separate studio space for decades until then, suddenly felt alienated from his workspace when it fused with his residence. The boundary between the strictly personal space of work and that of the home got blurred, in effect rendering the artist anchorless.