Ram Kumar: Recent Works: D-40 Defence Colony, New Delhi

20 January - 22 February 2017

"Though Ram‘s world picture has not changed since the 1950s his imagery has undergone a process of synthesis, refinement and rarefiction. This has been a process of sublimination. There has been a subtractive process at work, as it were." -Richard Barholomew 

The process in his work has always been a subtle reference to what came before, and even though the artist has not returned to the ‘figurative’ nature of his work since 1960s it is worth noting that his works continue to speak of the human condition. The abstraction in his work is also reflective of his keen technique and ability to transcend the depiction of a human body and still remain sensitive and humane. Through these recent paintings he opens up the space between a landscape and an abstraction while employing hues of earthly colors evoking a sense of movement, flight and an aerial perspective. Many of the works presented here resemble and refer to the forms and backgrounds of his previous paintings but continue to create a mystery for the viewers through a rich nostalgia of not only the past but also the known.