Looking into the well, staring at the clouds with Gieve Patel

IANS | The Stateman

A painter, playwright and poet who practiced medicine for decades, Mumbai-based artist Gieve Patel smiles that for him all these art forms may not necessarily “complement” each other.

He feels that in some ways, he was “compelled” to engage with them all. “Yes, each of them allows me to engage with a particular zone of experience. Sometimes these ‘zones’ overlap. But most often not,” he tells IANS.

Patel, whose work (‘At Kala Ghoda: Lovers in Summer Time’) is part of the group show ‘Call Me By Your Name’ (July 21-August 13) curated by Udit Bhambri at Vadehra Art Gallery, says it is about the ‘un’-self-conscious expression of love between a man and a woman on the public pavements of the Kala Ghoda precinct of Mumbai.

15 July 2021