Mrinalini Mukherjee Indian, 1949-2015


Mrinalini Mukherjee studied BFA in Painting and Post Diploma in Mural Design both at M.S. University, Baroda. She received the British Council Scholarship for Sculpture, and went to the West Surrey College of Art and Design, UK in 1978.


 Mrinalini’s work dealt with the tactility of sculpture as a medium and she played with a variety of materials in establishing a deep connection with the different qualities of materials such as ceramics, jute, natural fibres, bronze. Her sculptures would refer to the organic, to the fluid even as it manifested itself with dimensions and structure.


Mrinalini Mukherjee is best known for her woven and majestic forms, which cross over, between sculpture and textiles. The mysterious folds and the intricate curves and drapes manifest a strong note of sexuality evoking the sensuous and tactile quality. Her latest works come as a continuation of her endeavor of past few years where the bronzes carry references to vegetable forms that are now mineralized. Then the fluidity of her earlier fibre works gets petrified leaving behind an emotional and melancholic effect with the carved, textured skin that signal the psychological pain and the uncertainties of life. These bronzes recapitulate the undulations of form and capture the human element through the scarred flesh akin to loss or damage done by burning or deterioration.


She passed away in 2015.